Burke's Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage 1931 page: 53



Sir Robert Henry Edward Abdy, 5th Bart., lieut. Reserve of Officers, late 15th Hussars, served in Great War 1915-18 (star, two medals), b. 11 Sept. 1896; s. his father 1921; m. 1st, 23 June, 1923, Mrs. Iya Jongeyans (who obtained a divorce 1928). He m. 2ndly, 10 Feb. 1930, Lady Helen Diana Bridgeman, eldest dau. of 5th Earl of Bradford.

Lineage.-This family is presumed to have derived its name from Abdy in Yorkshire, where Richard Abdy was seated at a remote period.

ANTHONY ABDY, alderman of London, sheriff, 1630-1 (whose three sons were created baronets), m. 14 Aug. 1610, Abigail, dau. of Sir Thomas Campbell, Kt., lord mayor of London, and d. 10 Sept. 1640, leaving issue,

  • 1. THOMAS (Sir), his heir.
  • 2. ROBERT (Sir), of Albyn's, Essex, created a baronet 9 June, 1660; m. Catherine, dau. of Sir John Gayer, Knt., lord mayor of London. He d. 1670. She d. 6 Sept. 1662, having had an eldest son,
    • JOHN (Sir), 2nd bart.; m. 10 May, 1687, Jane, dau. of George Nicholas, son of Sir Edward Nicholas, Knt. She d. 1721. He d. 1691, and left with a dau., Jane, m. Rev. Edward Crank, an only son,
      • ROBERT (Sir), 3rd bart., M.P. for Essex, 1727-48, bapt. 8 April, 1688; m. 5 July, 1711, Theodosia, dau. and heir of George Bramston, LL.D., master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. She d. 8 Aug. 1732. He d. 27 Aug. 1748, leaving issue,
        • 1. John (Sir), 4th bart. of Albyn's, M.P. for Essex; d. unm. 1 April, 1759, when the baronetcy of this creation became extinct.
        • 2. Robert, d. unm. 1735.
        • 1. Theodosia, m. 1752, Rev. Stotherd Abdy, 2nd son of Sir William Abdy, 4th bart. of Felix Hall (see below), and d.s.p. 1758.
  • 3. JOHN (Sir), of Moores, Essex, created a baronet 22 June, 1660, d.s.p. 1662, when the baronetcy became extinct.
  • 1. Alice, m. Sir John Bramston, of Skreens, who d. 4 Feb. 1669, leaving issue.

The eldest son,

SIR THOMAS ABDY, 1st bart. of Felix Hall, Essex, b. 1612; created a baronet 7 July, 1641; m. 1st, 1 Feb. 1637-8, Mary, dau. and co-heir of Lucas Corsellis, of London. She d. 6 April, 1645, leaving issue,

  • 1. Rachael, m. Philip Gurdon, of Assington.
  • 2. Abigail, m. Sir Mark Guyon, Knt.
Sir Thomas m. 2ndly, 16 Jan. 1646-7, Anne, dau. and co-heir of Alderman Sir Thomas Soame, Knt. of London. She d. 19 June, 1679, having had issue,
  • 1. ANTHONY (Sir), 2nd bart.
  • 3. Mary, m. Wentworth Garneys.
  • 4. Alice, m. W. Stane.

Sir Thomas d. 14 Jan. 1685-6. His only son,

SIR ANTHONY ABDY, 2nd bart., b. 1655; m. 1690, Mary, dau. and heiress of Rev. Richard Milward, Canon of Windsor. She d. 18 Aug. 1744. He d. 2 April, 1704, leaving an eldest surviving son,

SIR ANTHONY THOMAS ABDY, 3rd bart.; b. 1690; m. 1st, Mary, dau. and heir of Hugh Gifford, of Colchester. She d.s.p. 1718. He m. 2ndly, 1720, Charlotte, dau. and co-heir of Sir Thomas Barnardiston, 3rd bart. of Ketton, Suffolk. She d. 19 Feb. 1731, leaving two daus.,

  • 1. Charlotte, m. 1744, John Williams, son of Sir John Williams.
  • 2. Elizabeth, m. 17 April, 1749, Thomas Reeves, of Ranston, Dorset.

Sir Anthony m. 3rdly, Anne, dau. and heir of Thomas Williams, of Tendring Hall, Suffolk. She d.s.p. 21 Sept. 1745. He d. 11 June, 1733, and was s. by his brother,

SIR WILLIAM ABDY, 4th bart.; m. 1720, Mary, only dau. and heir of Philip Stotherd, of Terling, Essex, She d. 6 April, 1743. He d. 18 Jan. 1749-50, leaving issue,

  • 1. ANTHONY THOMAS (Sir), 5th bart.
  • 2. Stotherd (Rev.), rector of Theydon Gernon; m. 1st, 1762, Theodosia, dau. of Sir Robert Abdy, 3rd bart. of Albyn's. (see above). She d.s.p. 1758. He m. 2ndly, Harriet, dau. of Peyton Altham. He d.s.p. 3 April, 1773.
  • 3. WILLIAM (Sir), 6th bart.
  • 1. Mary, m. 24 Sept. 1748, Ambrose Dickins, of Wollaston, Northants.
  • 2 Charlotte, m. 11 April, 1752, The Ven. Thomas Rutherford, Archdeacon of Essex, Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge, and d. 5 Oct. 1771, leaving issue,
    • THOMAS, of whom presently.
  • 3. Anne Hester, m. Charles Nelson Cole.

The eldest son,

SIR ANTHONY THOMAS ABDY, 5th bart., K.C., M.P. for Knaresborough 1763-75; b. 1720; m. 13 Aug. 1747, Catherine, dau. and co-heir of William Hamilton. She d. 1792. He d.s.p. 7 April, 1775, when he was s. by his brother,

SIR WILLIAM ABDY, 6th bart., capt. R.N.; m. 1777, Mary, dau. of James Brebner Gordon, of Moore Place, Herts. She d. 4 March, 1829. He d. 21 July, 1803, leaving issue,

  • 1. WILLIAM (Sir), 7th and last baronet of this creation.
  • 1. Catherine Mary, m. 9 Nov. 1813, Rear-Adm. Sir Thomas Fellowes, Knt., C.B. She d. 18 Oct. 1817. He d. 12 April, 1853, leaving issue.
  • 2. Charlotte Anne, m. 1 Dec. 1808, Charles Andrew Caldwell, of New Grange, co. Meath, and d. 29 March, 1858, leaving issue. He d. 11 Feb. 1859.
  • 3. Harriott, m. 4 Dec. 1817, Rev. George Caldwell, fellow of Jesus Coll., Camb., and had issue.

The only son,

SIR WILLIAM ABDY, 7th and last bart. of Felix Hall, b. 1778; m. 3 July, 1806, Anne Wellesley, natural dau. of Marquess Wellesley, from whom he was divorced, 1816. He d.s.p, 16 April. 1868, when this baronetcy, the third conferred on his family, became extinct. His first cousin, on whom the estates of SIR JOHN ABDY, 1st bart. of Albyn's, then devolved,

THE REV. THOMAS ABDY RUTHERFORTH, son of the Ven. Thomas Rutherforth, Archdeacon of Essex, by Charlotte his wife, dau. of Sir William Abdy, 4th bart. of Felix Hall (see above), assumed in 1775 the surname and arms of ABDY, on succeeding to the estates of Sir John Abdy, 4th and last bart. of Albyns (see above). He m. 13 Jan. 1778, Mary, dau. of James Hayes, of Holyport, Bucks, bencher of the Middle Temple. She d. 8 Dec. 1820. He d. 14 Oct. 1798, leaving issue,

  • 2. Anthony Abdy, capt. R.N., m. 1808, Grace, dau. of Admiral Sir Thomas Rich, 5th and last bart., of Sonning, and d. 9 June, 1838, leaving an only son,
    • THOMAS NEVILLE (SIR), 1st bart.
  • 3. Charles Boyd Abdy (Rev.), Rector of Coopersale, d. unm. 20 Aug. 1843.
  • 4. James Nicholas Abdy, lieut.-col. H.E.I.C.S., b. 18 Dec. 1789; m. Charlotte Georgiana, dau. of Thomas King. She d. 8 July, 1848. He d. 8 Nov. 1855, leaving issue.
  • 5. Edward Strutt Abdy, Fellow of Jesus College. Cambridge, d. unm.
  • 1. Maria Henrietta, m. James Sykes, and had issue.
  • 2. Mary, m. Rev. James Williams, of Matherne, Monmouthshire, D.L., who d. 1846, leaving issue, She d. 31 Dec. 1870.
  • 3. Caroline, m. Rev. Henry Middleton.

The eldest son,

JOHN RUTHERFORTH ABDY HATCH ABDY, of Albyns, m. 17 July, 1800, Caroline Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Hatch, of Clayberry