Whitaker's Peerage

Joseph Whitaker founded the publishing business of J. Whitaker & sons, which initially produced an annual edition entitled "Whitaker's Almanac" from 1868. In 1897 the first edition of "Windsor Peerage" was published by a competing publisher, with a similar name, Whittaker & Co., but in 1900 this was absorbed into the new companion publication "Whitaker's Peerage", containing much of the information in Whitaker's Almanac, but specifically focussed on the Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage, and Companionage. This continued in publication well into the 20th century.

Whitaker's Peerage, 1900Whitaker's Peerage for the year 1900 being a Directory of Titled Persons and containing an extended list of the Royal Family, the Peerage with titled issue, Dowager Ladies, Baronets Knights and Companions, Privy Councillors and Home and Colonial Bishops with a comprehensive introduction and an index to Country Seats. Published by J. Whitaker & Sons, 12 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C. 1900