The County Familes of the United Kingdom

Edward Walford, born in 1823, was a compiler of educational, biographical and genealogical works, and a renowned antiquary. Whilst working at Robert Hardwicke's publishing business in Piccadilly he edited "Hardwicke's Shilling Baronetage and Knightage", "Hardwicke's Shilling House of Commons", and "Hardwicke's Shilling Peerage" from 1855. In 1860 he compiled and edited his major work "The County Families of the United Kingdom" which continued in publication until 1920. Walford died in 1897.

The County Families of the United Kingdom, 1871The County Families of the United Kingdom or Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland. Containing a brief notice of the descent, birth, marriage, education, and appointments of each person, his heir apparent or presumptive, as also a record of the offices which he has hitherto held, together with his town address and country residence. By Edward Walford, M.A., late scholar of Balliol College, Oxford and Fellow of the Genealogical and Historical Society of Great Britain. Sixth edition, published in 1871 by Robert Hardwicke, 192 Piccadilly, London.