About this project.

Over the years we have amassed a large collection of books relating to the Peerage, Landed Gentry, and Official Classes of Great Britain and Ireland. There have been numerous publishers, notably Burke and Debrett, but also many other less well-known, such as Dod (Dodd), Foster, Stockdale, Whittaker, etc.

There is also the important work of Kelly & co., who published the "Titled, Landed, and Official Classes" series annually for very many years.

We have over 40 editions from these publishers and are now working to put all of our collection online. The aim is to try and provide a copy of each edition that is out of copyright, and allow the user to perform their own research. As the project progresses we will also be sourcing further editions where available.

The images are provided at a high resolution and can be saved to your local disk if required.

We hope to eventually provide a fully transcribed and searchable resource, but initially, where indexed, the pedigrees are searchable by both pedigree name and family name. Some pages may also contain full transcripts of the pedigrees on the page.